Quality Policy

At Pavna our Quality Policy summarises the essential elements of our commitment for excellence and includes:

  • Fostering a quality mind- set with the objective of developing, manufacturing and providing product and services with zero defects while complying with loss and regulations to meet customer requirements.
  • Continuously challenging ourselves to improve the quality management system to prevent quality complaints and eliminate defects through awareness of quality education training supervision and effective communication.
  • Achieving continuous improvement across all respects of our quality management system as well as each aspect of Pavna's business operations through technical collaboration and upgradation in technology.

Pavna approach to quality can be condensed down to one phrase:
"ensuring our customer success".

Quality assurance is the core of our manufacturing processes & strategy. Pavna team is committed & ensures that each product leaving the factory is of the highest quality and fulfill its expected function & behavior.

The Integrated Management system is established to ensure compliance to the requirements of IATF 16949, ISO 14001 & ISO 18001 to carry out the company’s business processes effectively and efficiently.

Lab testing is back bone to verifying quality of product ,it helps in ensuring that product from development stage to regular production is meeting customer & organization requirements. Pavna Test lab is well equipped with all type of Functional , Performance, Durability & Environmental Testing facility.