Technical Alliances

We have grown from success to success since foundation in the year 1971. The company Joint Venture with its highly successful collaboration with ZADI S.P.A., Italy, Sunworld, TAIWAN and FARMA.

ZADI S.P.A., for more than 50 years, designs and manufactures electromechanical components for automotive, agricultural and industrial sectors, developing projects in co-design for the most prestigious manufacturers in the world of motorcycles, recreational vehicles, minicar and tractors.

ZADI S.P.A. and Pavna group were technically collaborated from the year 2000 to 2010.

SUNWORLD MOTO Industrial Co., Ltd. has a long-lasting business by putting customers first, emphasizing on product development, and manufacturing defect-free products. Constant improvements are achieved through investment on precision measurement apparatuses, and processing equipment as well as upgrading technical techniques.

FARMA SRL is a company specialized in the design and production of caps and filler necks for fuel and urea tanks , see Automotive division , zamak castings see Foundry division , and plastic components for inhouse requirements and outside customers.